The woman behind the brand.

Brand Story

Born for Beauty

The niece of a Hungarian chemist, Estée was trained in the art of face creams at an early age.

What’s In A Name?

From Josephine Esther to Esty to Estée. more

Young Love

Estée meets her "first beau." more

Good Genes

Some of her earliest memories were of her
mother's grooming ritual. more

Stage Gem

Name in lights. more


The power to create beauty. more


The Start of Something Beautiful

Estée built her company with the perfect mix of know-how, dedication, persistence, passion, family commitment–and a lot of free samples.

Family Ties

Estée, Joe and sons. more

True Blue

Elegant Packaging. more


She was her own publicist. more

A Bright Idea

Marketing her family's formulas. more

By Invitation Only

"Gift with Purchase" is born. more


Beauty Breakthroughs

“Success depends on daring to act on dreams,” according to Estée, who turned a homespun cream into a global cosmetics empire.

A Good Egg

The star ingredient. more

Globe Trotter

Estée goes global. more

Read Her Lips

Estée realized that the success of her lipsticks
often came down to their names. more

Lab Partners

Always the
highest quality. more

Three Minute Beauty

Estée believed "3 minutes is all
beauty should ever take." more

Face Value

In 1956, Estée launched her most luxurious cream yet. more

Family First

Family was always her priority. more


Going the Distance

Estée Lauder began expanding internationally in 1960 and is now sold in over 150 countries across the globe.

The secret 5%. more

A Most Precious and Private Scent

A scent she could recognize anywhere. more

Model Citizens

"My women are elegant achievers…strong and smart." more

Where the Heart is

Settings of inspiration. more

The Little Brown Bottle with Big Results

The first serum to repair skin’s appearance during the night. more


A Lasting Legacy

Front Row Regular

Her love of couture created long-lasting relationships. more

Passing the Baton

Estée formally retired in 1995. more

Always the Host

She readily welcomed a coterie of international friends and dignitaries. more